Jerry Papazian

After graduating Phi Beta Kappa from USC with a degree in economics, he received his JD/MBA from UCLA, where he was a member of the Law Review and focused on business and finance law. From there he worked for a major New York law firm, focusing on corporate and financial securities, and IPO markets. So he was well-positioned to transition to investment banking, specializing in corporate and securities transactions as a vice president at Bear Stearns.

These years, the late 1980s, were ripe with opportunity. Jerry saw them everywhere, and took one of them at just the right time, becoming the President and Chief Operating Officer of a public technology company that anticipated the end of government/military contracts and foresaw the possibilities for commercial exploitation of existing technology patents.

Early in the new millennium, with entrepreneurship reaching new highs, Jerry founded Fountainhead Associates as a direct way to give entrepreneurs the benefit of his experience across the spectrum, including financial and legal.

“Nobody in the world works harder than entrepreneurs,” Jerry says. “They begin with an idea and then do everything it takes to get it going. But they can’t do or know everything. That’s where I come in. I help entrepreneurs start and grow new businesses, or I fix the ones that are broken.”

From strategy to development to execution, Jerry understands what works, avoids what doesn’t, and anticipates what won’t. No matter where a business is in its lifecycle, whether it’s for-profit or nonprofit, Jerry knows what moves to make next.

Can your business be successful without Jerry Papazian and Fountainhead? Of course. But that’s not the question. The question is: Are you doing everything you can to make sure your business is as successful as it should be?

If you’re not, the question then becomes: How will you justify it if something happens to your business, something that could have been prevented?

That something is contacting Fountainhead.

Jerry Papazian
“Nobody in the world works harder than entrepreneurs,” Jerry says. “They begin with an idea and then do everything it takes to get it going."
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