About Fountainhead Associates:

• Business is a jungle.

• Business is a labyrinth.

• Business is a tightrope walk across Niagara Falls without a net—on a snowy day.

As an entrepreneur, you may have heard all these metaphors and more. And possibly you even devised one of your own. But no matter which one you prefer or how farfetched any of them seem, the reality is that today’s business owners face unprecedented challenges and obstacles. Never before have there been more regulations, steeper competition, and less certainty.

Surviving in business, let alone thriving, can feel as impossible as that Niagara tightrope walk. That’s why going it alone is an option only for those who can afford to buy their way out of every mistake.

But if you don’t have unlimited capital, the only alternative is to avoid making mistakes in the first place. Yes, that sounds like Steve Martin’s old joke about how to become a millionaire: “First, get a million dollars.”

But it’s no joke. There really is a way to avoid making mistakes and/or fix the ones you’ve already made: Connect with an established consulting organization that offers strategic guidance and sober judgment—the business equivalent of being able to see far into the distance and even around corners. Connect with Fountainhead Associates.

Fountainhead was founded by Jerry Papazian, whose arm’s-length résumé includes the titles CEO, COO, and CFO. Which means that whatever issues, problems, or rough patches your company is experiencing—no matter how old or new or how unique they seem—Fountainhead is your success solution.
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